Ag Educational Solutions

With the inception of our company, Ag Educational Solutions has strived to become one of the leading manufacturers of Agriculture related Training Equipment and Lab Furniture. Our company offers a complete product lineup of Ag Mechanics Training Solutions to workbenches, storage cabinets, welding lab and greenhouse furniture. We continue our mission to provide high quality products with unsurpassed customer service.

2400 Basic Electricity Trainer Modular

Basic Electricity Quick-Start Package


A comprehensive and expandable training system offering more than 40 hours of instruction in basic electrical principles, circuits and components. Topics include terminology, circuit design, component examination/testing, and background theory.

The integrated course includes 43 activities, all of which include background information on the topic, hands-on experiments, and related review questions.

2108-Bearing Maintenance Trainer

Bearing Maintenance Trainer, Basic, Quick-Start Pkg


A realistic, heavy-duty device allowing for convenient and consistent training in the identification, installation and removal of a variety of industrial-quality rolling element bearings.

The device provides for two student workstations. Using two of four CNC-machined stub shafts provided, in combination with shaft mounting brackets, training can take place at both ends of the device.

1201A-Belt Drive Trainer

Belt Drive Trainer


This heavy-duty, multi-functional training fixture allows for convenient training in the identification, installation, tensioning and alignment of common belt drives types found in industry.

A steel baseplate and aluminum components combine to create a lightweight, yet realistic and stable device.


Cams and Mechanisms Accessory


A package of mechanical components which introduces the student to basic concepts relating to devices that convert rotary to linear motion in industrial systems. All components are designed to be mounted on the Gear Maintenance Trainer, #205. The device includes components relating to cam design, adjustable cams, cam followers, crank/connecting arm arrangements and the positioning of limit switches.

Chain Drive Training System


A heavy-duty, benchtop fixture allowing for realistic training in industrial chain drive systems. Welded aluminum driver and driven components, actual industrial hardware and a variety of hands-on exercises combine to provide a complete introduction to chain nomenclature, assembly, disassembly, alignment and maintenance. The use of straight, keyed-bore, taper-bore, taper-lock and QD bushings is also addressed. Packaged with several chain types, connecting links, attachment chain samples, sprockets, bushings, and applicable tools, this training system offers a complete training experience in this fundamental industrial drive technology. Optional components allow for training related to heavy-series, Morse HV chain, and silent chain.

1208-Coupling-Shaft Alignment Trainer

Coupling/Shaft Alignment Trainer, Quick-Start Package


A heavy-duty, precision fixture for realistic training in shaft alignment. Patterned after a common ANSI centrifugal pump, the device allows for training using all common alignment techniques and tools. Each element can be adjusted to create unique alignment problems. The training aid, coupled with a textbook and a Use/Exercise Guide, creates a complete, in-depth, hands-on course in precision alignment techniques used in industry.

1221- Linear Drives Trainer

Linear Drives Trainer


A bench-top device which facilitates training in the design, function, installation and alignment of common linear drive components.

Fabricated from steel and aluminum, the training aid combines a variety of common industrial components and installation scenarios in one assembly.

2150-Residential Wiring Trainer

Residential Wiring Trainer


This Trainer Panel is used to demonstrate electrical principles similar to those found in a residential dwelling. It also has provision for extensive switching and connection of lamps and outlets. The trainer has a 24 volt power supply that is used to wire and test all circuits After the instructor has approved wiring, 120VAC can be applied using the key-lock circuit breaker control. The ability to use low voltage for testing and 120VAC for final wiring is a valuable teaching aid.