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Intelli-ARC 3052

Intelli-ARC – Mobile Welding Assessment Center

The Intelli-ARC® system is designed to complete the training cycle begun in better welding programs in education and training. All welding programs are intended to teach students to weld. Modern fabrication industries are demanding more of their welders. They are now hiring welders who can efficiently weld and still produce superior products. Cost effectiveness is the new threshold of employability.

The innovative Intelli-ARC® welding assessment system allows instructors to analyze digital data gathered from each of the student’s welds and objectively assess their efficiency.

Once students have used the Intelli-ARC® systems they become motivated to improve the skills. The result is a more highly trained, more employable student – just what our country needs.

Product Features

  • Finally true welding analysis!
  • Collects welding logs with data for each recorded weld.
  • Set limits upon arc current, voltage, wire feed speed, etc..
  • Automated wire usage tracking and notification.
  • And much more…

Instructor and Teacher Benefits

  • Teaches students how to increase consistency and identify problem areas by tracking production output and evaluate history data.
  • Students will learn to pinpoint shift problems and evaluate production cycle and output.
  • Teaches students how to cost welds and make the most efficient welds using cost driven procedures.

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