Robotics Educational Solutions

Robotics Educational Solutions provides robotics training equipment to those wanting to teach robotics to our future technicians, designers, and engineers in the robotics field. Our training systems will prepare students for their next steps forward in robotics. Our hands-on trainers with complimenting basic programming software and curriculum will turn your classroom or lab into the perfect environment in which your students will learn the necessary competencies to design, build and program their robotic models.


Dobot Magician



This cutting-edge robotic arm can 3D print, manipulate objects, write and draw making it the perfect cross-subject learning tool. It has a graphical programming environment, multiple tool heads, and the capability to work with the Arduino platform. With Dobot’s exclusive tutorials and lessons, the Magician, it is the ideal way to learn about robotic arms, hardware development, coding and automation. This compact, multi-functional robotic arm is best suited for programs that have a desire to challenge their students to create, develop and grow.

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